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Wednesday, September 1

"Learn From Mistakes"

everything that had happened to me..
made me think about it..
what actually the benefit that i got from it..

and sometimes,
i felt everything that happened to me was not fair..
everything seems like my mistakes..
everyone wanted to blame me..

when a problem came to me..
i always crying..
like it was the end of my life..
i don't care whether it was a small or a big problem..

my mum..
my dad..
always laugh at me..
they called me "cengeng"

but i always remember what my mum said to me..
"kakak xkan pena kalah selagi kakak x cuba"
so, i always tried my best even it would never be perfect..
my mum would never blamed me..
if i failed doing something that i've tried my best to do it..

*i miss my mum so much.. T.T
i want to go back home.. i want to stay with my own family.. i don't want to stay here anymore..
god, only to u do i ask.. only to u do i rely on.. plez help me god..
make me stronger to go through this challenge.. show me your guidence in everything i do..
bless me Ya Allah!!!
-aq sedih sangat2 bile pk kn smule.. dlu aq boring dduk uma aq.. asyk nk g uma org jew.. ble skang nie aq trpkse stay sini.. 4 d whole year.. aq sedih.. bru aq tw rseny jauh dr femly trcinta.. baru tw btpe susa ny idop tnpe dyeowg.. btepe rse trpinggir dn x pnting ny kite d cc kuarge len.. T.T
+artikel nie xd kne mngena antre yg idup ataupown yg mati.. hnye luahan isi at yg aq nk luah n critekn..ku mahu kau tahu.. <3

Terima Kasih sudi baca. SUKA?? ~L!Ke-L!Ke aJe~!! :)

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