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Friday, March 11

" Saye Scorpio "

readers.. hyep.. hello3!!! :)

rini chouko da xd topik.. so, chouko rajin2 menziarah ke tenet..
cari something nak share ngan readers.. (baik kan??..)

okok.. chouko nak cite sal horoskop chouko.. chouko laher 11/11 so zodiak chouko is Scorpio..

chouko terjumpe nih kat tenet.. so, chouko nak share la.. satu fakta ttg scorpian..

Jealous Lover

The personification of Scorpio being a jealous lover is no exaggeration. The last thing you want to do is tease them by flirting with another man/girl. This will backfire so fiercely that you'll find yourself running to the hills screaming as though your hair were on fire. Unfortunately, there is a double standard when it comes to flirting. Scorpio flirts without even thinking twice, but when it's they doing the flirting, that's totally different because they know they're loyal to you. This is something you can believe. they are loyal to you, regardless of how much they flirt. If they decide they want another lover, Scorpio won't go behind your back. they'll break things off with you before they would ever betray you.

urm.. so, beruntung la sape yg dpat scorpio nih.. setia tuh.. :)

ok la readers, chouko nak get ready tok sok.. kne g skul even olidays.. :'(

bubye.. salam.. :)

smile,   :)


Terima Kasih sudi baca. SUKA?? ~L!Ke-L!Ke aJe~!! :)

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